Off The Beaten Path


“Sounds boring,” she said leaning back in her chair. I chuckled a little and pressed for an explanation. “What does that even mean? Inspirational books?” she sighed, incredulous in her questioning. I rubbed my forehead trying to find the words. It’s not easy sharing your ideas only to have them rejected.

“It’s about being mindful of what you read,” I said trying to choose my words carefully. I went on to explain the reason I started an online book club was to inspire and empower women with God’s truth for their lives. “You mean like a ministry?” she asked.

Interesting question. Can a book club be considered a type of ministry?

I didn’t think of it that way, after all, I’ve never been to seminary and please don’t ask me about the specifics in the Bible — I read the good book and I know what I know but I get nervous when asked.

“Not quite,” I continued hoping she understood I’m not trying to add reverend, bishop or any theological prefix or suffix to my name.

As a woman who is interested in strengthening her walk with God, I find it difficult at times to find things to read — things that are not mainstream.  I see the same people over and over again and hear the same message …over and over again. I wanted to hear from new voices, see fresh faces all while being inspired.

So I started a book club.

So far in the club house, we’ve invited several authors who have shared a little about their faith walk, the inspiration behind writing their books and broadened our horizon letting us know that great authors exist off the beaten path – not everyone worth reading has gone the traditional route.

We’ve heard from Krista Pettiford, a Christian writer, blogger, and author from California who said, “He didn’t design us to conform to the world’s standards but to be transformed by renewing our minds.” And even Melisa Alaba, who runs a global sisterhood organization filled with women leaders and business owners who are committed to economic empowerment and service.She stopped by the club and showed us how to use our superpower. Even author Mary DeMuth, whom I’ve written about,  stopped by and dropped a couple of truth bombs on the group. I was over the moon.

Sounds boring? Nah.

It’s been like a dream come true for me. I’m in the company of really positive women who are also BOOK LOVERS! It doesn’t get much better than that. But here’s the rub, I’ve been over on Facebook jamming with the club and forgot to you bring you along. So. If you’re interested (and I hope you are) join me in the club house. I hope to see you there.

Yes! You Should Live Above Your Means


I’m learning a lot about patience, especially now since it’s harvest season.

Now don’t get me wrong, the virtues of patience weren’t completely lost on me, I’ve gone through the motions of sowing and reaping before…but then, it was more about the result.

I deliberately did something with the expectation that my hard work would pay off. Surprisingly, I’ve taken this approach time and time again with moderate success. Usually if I did the work, I’d reaped the benefit.

That is until recently.

I planted the seed, spoke success over my life and now that it’s harvest season – nothing.

I’m going to stop with the planting metaphors; I think you get the picture.

So I did what all good pragmatists do and retraced my steps.

I thought to myself, “…it’s just not adding up, this work should yield that result.”

And as I continued through this exercise, I began to realize what I was actually saying. I heard the words I spoke and realized that I was defining the outcome. I was very specific in my request.

Too specific.

I wanted what I wanted, how I wanted it, and when I wanted it.

I didn’t leave room for anything else.

No new experiences, no opportunities for growth, and very few options. I became bound by my limits.

Sounds like a recipe for disaster, right?

Have you ever done this?  Have you placed limits on what blessings could manifest in your life? You were so specific that you left little or no room for anything else. It’s so easy to think that what we want is best for us not realizing that we place boundaries on ourselves.

If your best is all you think you can do, then your best is all you’ll get. (Tweet that)

I know that placing limitations isn’t necessary our intent. No one means to say, “…okay Lord, I only want you to bless me this way.”

So, now I have new seeds to sow and I’m going to continue to speak success over my, life, but now, I’m going to continue to feel and live like I’m already blessed while I wait.

No limits allowed.