RMS Book Club


The purpose of this group is to inspire and empower women with God’s truth for their lives through the fellowship of books.

This club was created with you in mind. As sisters in Christ, it can be challenging to navigate the world when the images we see, the information we consume and sometimes the people we interact with are not the most positive. Rethinking My Story Book Club provides a space where we can connect with like-minded women who are also on a journey to grow closer in her walk with God.

While it may appear small in number, there are plenty of authors who write inspirational texts for our consumption. Hopefully here, we’ll introduce you to someone you’ve never heard of and maybe reacquaint you with an old friend. We may even ask the authors to drop in from time-to-time to pay us a visit.

Oh and we’ll read from self-published authors too, as long as it fits with the theme and context of the purpose of the group.

Join us. You can follow along here or join the conversation on Facebook.