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It’s not the fancy words that give words power, it is the heart behind the words.
— Amy Tan


Hi and welcome, I’m glad you are here. This is my personal blog.

I consider myself a bit of a change agent; I want to use my writing to positively influence the world. I believe to truly bring about change it must begin with the individual.

And how does that happen?

Well, it’s about changing perceptions, challenging stereotypes, illuminating gaps and issues, and equally important being part of the solution.

Just imagine being a light in the world by countering the images that have dominated popular culture for far too long. I think if enough people start questioning what they see, become discerning, we will reach a tipping point. Transformation will ensue, voices silenced will be heard, untold stories now can be told, and experiences will be shared.

This blog started on a whim in 2010 in my earnest attempt to overcome a terrible bout of procrastination. For so long fear stopped me from pursuing my dreams – I wasn’t afraid to dream, I was afraid to live out my dreams. I felt unworthy, I felt clueless, and I felt alone in this desire.

Fortunately for me God had bigger plans, from the first blog post, I found a community of women who shared these feelings. Fear, as it turns out, didn’t belong to just me, we all face it. It transcended race, nationality, religion …shoe size.

This is my personal exploration in being an overcomer. Every story you see reflected on the blog is a testament to staring fear, doubt, guilt, and shame in the face and exceling in spite of them.

I hope you find all writings sincere and authentic, and that above all else you see parts of you in the stories told.

About Me

I’m Cece Harbor, proud mama, wife, writer, social changer, mentor, IT geek, special needs advocate, proud Geechee, and daughter of the King.

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