How To Rise Above It All . . .


I can’t help but think that in some place in the distant past, there was a woman who was just like me. Maybe she had the same cocoa colored skin, the same kink in her hair with flecks of gray, the same fullness in her lips and uneasiness in her eyes that hoped for a better tomorrow.

Maybe she worked on a cotton farm or was a cook in someone’s kitchen. Or maybe she was a domestic and made beds, and tended to other people’s children for a living, or was even a seamstress or maybe she couldn’t work outside the home at all.

I’m thinking maybe in the not too distant past she would daydream like me and stare out windows, big and small wanting the world to be safer for her sons and daughters. Thinking if she smiled enough, was kind enough, loved the Lord with all her heart that the world around her might – just might – change.

If I could tell her something, I would tell her that I know her heart ache. I understand her pain, and while the craziness of the world may appear to limit her abilities because of how she looks and who they think she is, that she’s unlimited in the will of God.

I’ve been on my knees in prayer a lot in the past two weeks, desperate for answers, wanting to understand why there’s so much chaos in the world but slowly I changed the conversation with God. I’m not asking why anymore; I can’t. My mother wanted to know why, my grandmother wanted to know why, my great grandmother wanted to know why.

I cannot ask why anymore.

I know now that to rise above the problems of this world my place is to fall on my knees in His presence. And when I rise, I do so with the full armor of God.

I came across this beautiful song that summed up perfectly where my heart longs to remain. It blessed me so, and I hope it blesses you too.

Touch The Sky – by Hillsong United


24 thoughts on “How To Rise Above It All . . .

  1. Tia Chambers

    You are so right CeCe! I have been having similar feelings lately. I have taken to prayer and encouraged my friends and family to do the same.

  2. mimicutelips

    I’m in a questioning phase myself, each days news report is worse than the day before. I’m questioning my job, if I’m where I need to be. Will I know the answer when I get it. Girl… I too turn to song to help order my steps.

  3. mommysdressingroom

    Sometimes I have to unplug to find some peace I too get tired of asking God why it just makes me crazy. Thank you for this beautiful song.

  4. staciesayzso

    This is such a beautiful song. My praise and worship team sings this. Prayer changes so much in our lives. Just the reminder I needed!

  5. And I pray with you, my friend. I write this as I listen to your music and my heart is touched by all. May our very injured world find peace…and love. Blessings dear soul ♡

  6. I love the song. Beautiful. Your writing is beautiful too. Here I am, a 60 year old white woman, and I connect to your words like we are sisters. I no longer ask why either. There is much peace and power in acceptance.

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