Living in victory …


If we believed everything our eyes see, we would think that the world is against us. Acknowledging and responding to perceived and real haters — those people and situations we believe aren’t for us— does nothing more than feed into the notion that we are not enough. It’s so easy to go down this path, after all, responding to Hater-Nation is now commonplace, and our social media responsibility is to let the world know that we are unbothered by them. If we continue down this path, if we consciously decide to live in this space, we’ll be forced to view the world through the lenses of regret and contempt and will eventually believe that no one is for us. 

So here’s the thing that we tend to forgot, we live in victory. You are already winning.

Look, I struggle with this too because somewhere along the way we’re taught to look for the bad and view everything with a critical eye. And in being in this state of mind, the level of indignation grows because we now think part of our purpose is to defy haters as validation that we are worthy.

Haters are NOT motivators.

You are already worthy.

It’s just that simple.

And because you have victory, know that winning does not come at the expense of someone else’s happiness. The universe does not work that way. There’s always a balance. There’s always enough. There are no shortages of blessings. Consider this for today: refuse to use haters to fuel your dreams, instead, look to Him as you fulfill your purpose.

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