Unlearning Superwoman . . .


“I’m proudly a superwoman,” my friend said to me as we sat down for coffee late last week. “Okay,” I said completely not convinced. She seemed tired and even admitted it; hence the coffee connection, she wanted to recharge somehow. My friend went on to explain how she was doing “this” and “that” and because of these accomplishments people have been asking her to take on more. “I’m in charge of the volunteer committee, that’s a big deal,” she continued holding her hands apart in the air to show the magnitude of responsibility. I took a sip of my coffee and listened patiently. Indeed, it seemed that she was taking on a lot and pleasing a lot of people but what I was hoping to hear was if these tasks brought HER joy if they were connected somehow and if they were honoring God in some way. They weren’t. Instead, I had in front of me a woman nearing exhaustion engaged in busy work.

I’m no one to pass judgment on how we conduct our lives but what I do know is that when we are about the business of doing what we’ve been called to do, there is divine order. And yes, we may grow weary in the process, but it will not require us to be a mythical unattainable version of ourselves. I pressed, and we got to the real reason she was taking on so much, she felt like if she kept busy, she wouldn’t have to deal with an issue unfolding in her life. We’ve all done it before. Many of us still do.

For today consider this: stop being trying to be superwoman, instead believe in the Almighty for supernatural blessings. He gives us what we need when we need it; just call on Him. RTMS1

20 thoughts on “Unlearning Superwoman . . .

  1. Let me say Amen. I have learned to just be, pray and look to God for my “powers”. I am no longer about the busy work. It’s exhausting and at the end of they day, it always seems to be about others and not about yourself.

  2. This is a word! I don’t even try to do it all anymore, and as far as feeling obligated to show up for everything all the time? I can’t. They were only getting half of me (or less) anyway. I do stay busy, but I am trying more and more to look to God for that power rather than trying to muscle through it on my own.

  3. Valerie Robinson

    Girl yes! I have been backing away from being superwoman because it was frankly wearing me out. I’m learning how to let go and just go with the flow!

  4. staciesayzso

    Yes! Look to God for strength. We all need to be sure that we aren’t doing it all. Everyone needs a rest sometimes, even superwoman.

  5. I think there is a stigma here in America that women can do it all, be mothers, have jobs, run a business, be a great wife/girlfriend, and even have time to have our fitness health and order because we are superwoman. We are not superhuman though so all of this will lead to exhaustion and detrimental to our health. We women should be proud of our accomplishments but not go into overdrive because we are trying to live up to this superwoman title.

  6. sheenatatum

    I’ve been trying to get busy in things that make me feel good like keeping up my house and decluttering after ignoring it for so long. I work from home so it’s hard to find a balance. I do ultimately work better when my house is together and my needs are met so I can relate to kicking the unfulfilling busy work to the curb. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

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