What Happens When You See The Light…


I love the person I’ve become, because I fought to become her. ~ Kaci Dane

It’s official. I’ve decided not to change a thing about myself this year. That may sound a bit arrogant, but I promise you it’s not, it comes from a good place.

An I-am-enough-kind-of-place.

A so-many-of-us-heard-about-it-but-didn’t-dare-to-venture-there-kind-of-place.

There is indeed a lighted path for living. It’s not the elusive unicorn or unattainable pot of gold at the end of the rainbow kind of stuff, but there really is a light.

It’s true what they say when you get it, you get it.

I got it.

If you were to ask me a few years ago about New Year resolutions, I could rattle off a list with ease.

I chuckle a little thinking about it because it took me a while to realize that my life was not a series of things to get done; rather my life ebbs and flows. I had to figure out how to remain open to new possibilities while keeping fear and doubt in check. So I dug deep and determined that for me to allow anything good to happen in my life, I first had to love myself.

That was no small feat.

At that point, I had spent 20 some-odd years of my life trying to fit in and then the better part of my 30s struggling to find my identity as a mom and wife.

I decided to take the One Word 365 Challenge; it’s where you opt out on New Year resolutions and instead choose one word to describe your year. In 2014, my word was self-acceptance; I learned that self-acceptance is something we have to choose every day.

cece harbo-2

Each day you get up, you decide. It took me 365 days to scratch the surface. I’m still practicing self-acceptance. (Psalm 139:14)

Then in 2015, I decided that my word would be resilient because I needed stick-to-it-ness. I needed to hone my ability to bounce back from adversities. If you Googled the phrase “throw in the towel” my face would be in the caption.


I felt when things went going awry they did so for a reason. So I would quit. I needed things to be perfect; after all, it was a reflection of me. It was easier just to start over or pick something else which piqued my interest. Elizabeth Gilbert shares a quote in Big Magic from Rebecca Solnit who says, “ So many of us believe in perfection, which ruins everything else, because the perfect is not only the enemy of the good; it’s also the enemy of the realistic, the possible, and the fun.”

Ugh! It’s true. Perfection kills everything! Everything.

I made a declaration in front of about 100 women this past November that I was done with waiting on perfect. It’s too hard. It’s exhausting. And frankly, I have a life to live. In letting go of perfect, this past year was the first time in a long time I had the grit to see something through, tears and all, and it was amazing.

Amazing. (Psalm 46: 5)

For 2016, I choose the word worthy. It seems like worthy ties together everything I’ve learned, unlearned and relearned, went through … about to grow through. Worthy is directly tied to self-love, accepting of love from others, and having the ability to give love freely without sacrificing anything. No guilt. No shame. No more emotional hoarding. No regrets. (2 Thessalonians 1:11)

So about the whole light thingy, once your see it, it’s now your divine assignment to capture it’s essence so that you can allow it to shine through you. Then, YOU become a light in the world. How do you capture the essence of light you say? You live each day with intention, with passion, with purpose … all while operating in faith.

What say you? Have you seen the light? A flicker? A flash? Or are you standing in the sun? And if you were to take the One Word 365 Challenge, what word would you use to describe your 2016?

Happy New Year!

29 thoughts on “What Happens When You See The Light…

  1. I have been thinking about trying to find describe what I want in words. I think I’m going to give it a try. I have three words rolling around in my head. So I’m going to write about them. I am trying to start my year positive and finish it that way.

  2. I love these, I’m not a resolution type but I certainly have goals that I plan to hit. It keeps me on track with my dreams. My word for 2016 is ACTION, I’m kicking @ss and taking name. I’m putting myself out there instead of waiting for the world to find me.

  3. Tyra

    This is such a great piece. Self love is so important and there is no point in striving for perfect because it just discourages you when you don’t hit. Do the best you can and grow. That’s what’s important.

  4. Love the post. We are on such similar journeys although on the surface we look so different. My mantra for the year is “What would I do if I loved myself? I need more than a word for a resolution, I need a mindset. Happy New Year, sister. ❤️

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