Giving Yourself Permission To Dream . . .


I’m still on my resilience trek, and it’s pretty amazing. I’ve fallen down all over the place, tripped on my shoelaces, and even locked myself out once or twice.

See? Amazing. It’s okay; you can laugh.

That’s not the interesting part, what has turned out to be quite serendipitous are the women that I’m meeting along the way. Moms who are professionals and entrepreneurs or working from inside the home, they have all been my “sisters in arms.”

Looking around, I’ve seen women in different phases of life. Some are ahead of me, having raised their children or finished their careers and are trying to create their second life. Some are in the thick of it – like me – with multiple kids and a profession or business, and are realizing that work-life balance is a crock. Truth is for some of us, our work is our life, and integration is the key. For others, they’re just getting started and have erroneously pick up what so many of us believed when we began our mommy trek – that we were no longer a priority in our lives. Everyone else comes first; mom’s needs come last.

Again a crock.

I was recently in a precarious situation where I stood back-to-back with a mom. Failure was imminent, it surrounded us, or so it seemed. When we took a minute to assess what was going on we determined that the situation was really our own doing. I’m speaking metaphorically, of course.

We created the obstacles. We created the enemy.

We weren’t fighting anyone – we were fighting ourselves.

We thought we had evolved beyond the mommy guilt but realized that we still held on to the baggage we picked up at the beginning of our respective treks. There was an unspoken lie that attached itself to the foundation of the life we were creating; hindering us from becoming the women we’re trying to be. We bought into the notion that sacrifice means pursuing our dreams and ambitions stopped as soon as our children entered the world. Or if we fought to keep the embers of the dream alive, it was no longer something aspirational rather a burden that reminded us of what we couldn’t do.

Would it be selfish to take a few hours each morning to write or exercise or make homemade lavender soap? Would it be okay to take my career in a completely different direction and run the risk – not knowing how it’ll end? Would it be okay to start dancing again, go back to school, take art lessons or even move across the country to an unfamiliar place?

Only you can decide that. I just know that you do yourself a grave disservice if you don’t give yourself permission to savor the possibilities and all the wonderfulness that dreaming brings. And worse still – if you don’t act upon it in some regard. If you do nothing, it creates resentment and regret and the “what ifs” start playing target practice with our self-confidence.

When we dream, we honor our souls. When we dream, we evolve ourselves beyond the present moment. When we dream, we move closer to what could quite possibly be our life’s purpose. When we dream, we inspire our families to dream. The thing to remember is to bring them along for the journey.

What about you? Now that you can make your dreams come true, what are you going to do?


14 thoughts on “Giving Yourself Permission To Dream . . .

  1. As a person who sat on her dreams for years, letting the strangle hold of fear choke my aspirations to death, I know how difficult it can be to choose life. I hesitated for the longest and I couldn’t breathe when I did that. I’m finally going full steam ahead in pursuit of my destiny. Is it scary? Sometimes. Do I have doubts? Certainly. Is it worth it? Unequivocally yes! My only regret is that I didn’t start my journey sooner, but I’m learning to forgive myself for that. Thanks for this timely post! I needed a little motivation. Best wishes as you continue your journey!

  2. Wow this is perfect timing
    Thank you for your post
    …while I’m not a mother, I’m at a place where I’m looking to shift my life – career & possibly moving
    There are many habit voices that seem to attempt drowning the dream whispers
    I’m going to read your post again…

    • I love “perfect timings” — I believe that God gives you what you need when you need it most. I like “dream whispers” – you’re right, they can appear as whispers in our lives. Oprah said that during her life tour last year, she asked the question of whether we listen to the whispers in our lives. I think at one point I was so off track I thought of them as ghosts from a life I wish I had. I’m glad this came to you and thanks so much for reading and commenting.

  3. Philip

    I am thinking about becoming a dad and your words really inspired me to keep moving forward with this dream, as well as to think of myself as being more that just my career.

  4. What a truthful, beautiful essay. I am saying yes to dreaming and yes to my dreams. In other words I’m hanging loose with them and letting them manifest the way God sees fit. You know what I’m discovering? God always out dreams me (just like Oprah says.)

  5. danicafavorite

    Wonderful post!! We definitely need to honor our dreams. I love the part about how following your dreams honors your soul. SO good! I’m a big believer in following dreams, so I’m glad to see this!

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