Never In My Wildest Dreams…


“God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at break of day.” — Psalm 46: 5, NIV

I’m rocking a new word for the One Word 365 Challenge. The goal of this challenge is pretty simple, ditch the New Year’s resolution list and focus on one word that will define your year.

No pressure, right?

Last year it took me a few days to mull over the challenge. How could I choose a word to define a span of time that’s yet to happen? What if I wanted to change my word later – is that allowed? Trust me, I had about a million more questions and finally decided for 2014 my word would be, self-acceptance.

And what a year it was. I stayed the course, even when it was extremely hard to embrace me just as I am – and all my imperfections.

Believe me, I’m flawed.quotescover-PNG-73

I failed many times last year – many, many times at many, many things. The difference however was that I began to question myself. I decided to dig deeper because I needed to know why. Why am I not getting this? I did some real soul-searching trying to get to the root of the failures. Have you done this? Have you ever peeled back the layers on something personal to you to find a deeper meaning?

I learned that you just leave well enough alone. That if you fall, you just get back up and try again.

We seriously need to re-think that.

While you’re flat on your back pause a moment and ask the question: how did I get here? Why did this happen? What should I do better next time?

I didn’t do that before. I just jumped back in and kept trying; all the while questioning my purpose and His plan for my life.

The sentiment is sweet, but it just didn’t make logical sense.

See, it’s one thing to fail at something that you’ve never tried before. It’s a whole other ballgame when you consistently fail at something that you’ve done again, and again, and again… well you get the picture.

I have failed at friendships, diets, and business even at times parenting. And honestly, I don’t think I probably will ever be perfect at any of those things because I’ve decided once and for all not to embrace an ideal about them.

Fair-weathered friendships come and go, but I’m blessed to have a few women who I can call on if I need an ear or a hand and I would gladly do the same for them.

No more diets. I have an advocate/friend who’s a fitness expert, and her motto is: Decide and Commit. She’s right. Just simply do it, make the changes that you can keep for life.

Business? Well, I’ve been in my career for 17 years. Wow, did I just type that? So, I’m using some of my award-winning experience for myself. I am officially a small business owner.

And parenting, there are no perfect parents but there are perfect moments we share with our children. We used the past Chirstmas holiday to teach our children a valuable lesson about giving. It was hard for them but they bounced back just like their father and I always do.

There’s a word for this. It’s not brave, although I did contemplate this word again this year. And it’s not consistency – this was a close runner up.

The word is resilience.

Learning to try things from a difference angle, recalibrating as necessary, knowing that my falling doesn’t mean that I’m a failure. That’s resilience. That’s my word for 2015. What about you? What are your plans for this year? Have you chosen a word? Or words or even drafted a list? Share them with us.

Happy New Year! I pray that all of your heart’s desires are fulfilled and exceed your wildest expectations this year.


24 thoughts on “Never In My Wildest Dreams…

    • Self-love is a great word, Sue. I think you actually do more for others when you’ve demonstrated that you know how to love yourself. My business (ahem) is a media and publishing company that celebrates the lives of women through the art of storytelling. 🙂

  1. Oh, I would have to think about one word. I love your thoughts on parenting. I struggled with my expectation I placed on myself to be a perfect parent. I’m thinking about that one word….

  2. Resilience is a wonderful word based on your sentiments. I try to question everything before I pick up myself (sometimes to a fault) but as you said there is no point just bouncing back up to fall at the same place again.

  3. A little hard to pick one word. I think I would go with happiness. Sometimes happiness isn’t easily obtained or short lived. It is certainly a cure for so much. Great goal to try and be happy as often as possible despite different situations.

    • I understand. I do. Are you a list person, then? Last year I had to weave self-acceptance into everything. It revealed to me just how critical I am of myself. I hold myself to a very high standard. There’s nothing wrong with that but I had to mix a realty into my expectaions.

  4. Happy New year Cece! My word (for right now) is transparency. I want to share more freely about myself so that people get where I’m coming from. It’s like “Self-acceptance 2.0” 🙂

  5. Great word Cece! Also, this post reminded me of a quote (I think anonymous?) that someone mentioned to me lately, “All successful people have failed more than you’ve even tried!” Or something like that. You get the gist! I loved it! What a great reminder– it’s not the failing that really matters. It’s the trying and learning. Cheers to a resilient year for you!

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