Wouldn’t Take Nothing For My Journey Now…


I’m already living my New Year’s resolutions. I know I’m a little ahead of the curve (okay, way ahead of the curve it’s not even Christmas yet) but I couldn’t wait until 2015. This year went by incredibly fast, and I’ve learned so much during my 40th year on this planet.

I’m not teeming with Christmas cheer or goodwill (although I’ve got my fair share); it’s just that when something clicks, and I get it, I get it. Earlier this year, I made a promise that my 2014 journey would be about self-acceptance. I’m happy to report that my mission… was not accomplished.

You read that correctly. Not accomplished. Nada. Nein. Nope.

Self-acceptance, I’ve learned, is a process based upon choices we make every day; it’s not all or nothing. The question I had to discover the answer to was: could I continue to love and accept myself no matter what happened? Could I treat my failures and successes the same?

It’s not easy.

There’s a beautiful book written by Maya Angelou that reminds Unknownus about the beauty of life, and how to appreciate the curves and bends that we’ll encounter on our journeys. I read the book 15 years ago and recently re-read it and even still, Maya’s words continue to inspire me. So I’m living my new year today, and I know for sure there are three things to which I resolve…and there’s no going back:

    1. I know that I cannot be everything to everyone all the time. I won’t do it to myself, anymore. As helpful and as giving as I try to be, I know that for the sake my sanity I must create boundaries for myself.

2. I know that how I live my life is an extension of the type of person I endeavor to become. I’m constantly changing, growing, learning every day and the moment that I stop learning is the moment I cease to exist. I cease to be a good example to my children. I cease to be a helpmate to my better half. I cease to be a supportive sister and friend. I know that I get to choose every day I wake up. I chose. I decide.

3. I know that I can live a life full of intent and be kinder to myself. I read a quote by Diane von Fürstenberg that said, “when a woman learns to become her own best friend life is easier.” I get that. I love that. I get it now. The same grace that cover the people that I care about also covers me.

You know I’m okay with not totally getting the self-acceptance thing right. I still have some growing to do, and I’m learning that my desires for my life changes with each passing day. I’ve got a lot more living to do; I’ve got more questions to ask.

What about you, dear heart? Was there anything significant that you learned about yourself this year? Anything you’ve learned to accept about yourself? Or sage advice for anyone looking to make changes?

22 thoughts on “Wouldn’t Take Nothing For My Journey Now…

  1. I love that book by Maya. Well, I love ANY book by Maya. I’m still on the journey with you to self acceptance. It’s a process, and it requires that we extend a lot of grace to ourselves. Something that for some reason is easier said than done. I’m still working on a new year’s resolution I made a few years ago: to treat myself well, understanding that all other goals will automatically be accomplished by doing so.

    • It’s amazing isn’t it, Faith?! We can so easily give love away, while that’s wonderful, the giving has to start with us. I too am learning that. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and thanks so much for the tweet.

  2. This blog entry is not only a ‘keeper’; it’s a ‘repeater’! I will need to read it often and share it widely. K.M., you have truly shared major insight via this entry. I am almost 60 years old and have not articulated self acceptance quite like this. What freedom to have such an ongoing resolve! So glad you are so wise. Thank you for sharing your insightful writing.

  3. This is such an inspiring post. What I learned this year is to never do anything that doesn’t make my heart sing. Everytime I try to gage what I “should” do by external factors I am fighting the purpose of my life.

    • Well said, Sue — you’re so right. I saw a picture that said something like “Ego says once everything falls into place, I will find peace…Spirit says find peace and everything will fall into place.” This resonated with me and your words remind me of it. I’ll do what feels right.

    • Oh My God, SUE! Thank you for sharing. You just spoke to my heart. The whole purpose of writing is because I love to do it. However, lately I have written just for the experience, just to say that I have clips. That has been the hardest writing I have done. In time I thought it would get easier, but it hasn’t. I think for the new year I need to consider only writing pieces that make my heart sing. Now to tell my editor that. Oh boy.

  4. I was just thinking that I should start one of my things to do for the new year. Everyday I want to write in my journal. It does not have to be nothing special, just a journal that talks about my day and see where it takes me. Your journey sounds amazing keep defining yourself and your worth.

  5. I agree with you. We shouldn’t wait for a year’s turn over for us to attack our goals. We should attack them now! Love what you’ve learned in 2014 and hope you continue in 2014. Can’t wait to see the year-end report in 2015.

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