Who’s Watching The Watchers…


It’s ‘Why Not’ Wednesday and today’s no fail message is about remembrances. We truly are living in interesting times, from the fires in the Pacific Northwest and uncivil rights in Missouri to a continuous war in the Middle East… and all this is compounded by anything you are growing through in your personal life.

Interesting times indeed.

Whether we realize it or not, history is being recorded, time is still marching forward and yet the prevailing frailties of the human condition do not delude us. Because of them we can still serve justice — we can right wrongs; we can choose not to look the other way, we can lend a hand to families in need of assistance, and we can choose how we respond to sheer terror.

Interesting times indeed.

Consider this question for today: How do you navigate the world when things around you are unjust, unfair or uncertain? I’ve said this before: no one wants human hurt to go unnoticed. What we do today will stand as the legacy of truth for our future. I watched my grandmother and mom; my children are watching me…who’s watching you and what truth will you tell when asked to remember?


5 thoughts on “Who’s Watching The Watchers…

    • I feel the same way at times, April. Thinking: “Good lordie, I’m not the example.” …I’m learning to fail in front of my kids. I want them to know that mom’s not perfect and that I try to improve…and like you, that I’m real.

  1. One of the things I did was stand up for myself at a point in my life where I was being walked on. I know that is one of the reason my children’s spirits are so strong. In fact, knowing they we’re watching me is what gave me the courage to say, “enough!”

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