Finishing What You Started Looks Like…


It’s ‘Why Not’ Wednesday and today’s no fail message is about recalibrating.

Imagine having the opportunity to start again because you veered off your intended path, there’s a lot to be said about the potential of a do over.

Finding yourself off track is never easy. Sometimes it’s intentional; we deliberately take a break; sometimes it’s completely unintentional, we took a right where we should have taken a left or we two took steps forward when we should have waited; and then other times we don’t realize that we’re off track until the fog lifts and we find ourselves completely off-center.

It can be frustrating.

In this state of mind, we are easily led by our insecurities and doubt, and it’s difficult to get back on course — projects are left unfinished, friendships and relationships go stale, or we try to be perfect at something that only requires good enough.

Consider this for today: While the opportunity to start completely over is indeed powerful, realize that there’s just as much power in picking up where you left off…you might not necessarily need to go back to square one.

You can recalibrate.

This entails recalling the initial plan, modifying if necessary, assessing where you are and taking the next steps. And when you get back on track (because you will get back on track), try not to focus so much on where you’re going, rather adjust your sights taking in the experiences along the way.


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