How NOT To Give Your Power Away…


It’s ‘Why Not’ Wednesday and today’s no fail message is about affirmation.

We’ve been taught to believe that in order to obtain something of significance we must seek a power greater than ourselves. In doing so, we are convinced that we’re supposed to pay guilt-ridden penances along the way. So we tearfully beg and plead with God, tell everyone else about our problems, carry good luck charms, and even toss coins into bodies of water.

How’s that working for you?

Consider this for today: Instead of giving your power away, hoping for something to miraculously step in and take care of your issue, try the silent approach. Do not go out to find a resolution, go within. Get still and affirm that everything is in order, declaring that provisions have already been made for you.

Affirm understanding.

Affirm wisdom.

Affirm patience.

Affirm love.

And when you open your eyes, know that the world has not changed. You have…and the way you see it.

That’s the power of prayer.


‘Why Not’ Wednesday asks the question: if you couldn’t fail what would you do? 

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