Who Are You Without Your Emotions?


It’s ‘Why Not’ Wednesday and today’s no fail message is about shifting perspectives.

Have you ever heard the expression ‘separate the wheat from the chaff’? It essentially means that you separate the things that are useful and purposeful from the things that are not worthy.

Often times we become our emotions, internalizing them and using them to describe who we are – not our current state of being. Or we become our problems, and tie our identities to them, forgetting that it’s only (and always) temporary. When these things happen, we focus solely on our emotions or on our problems.

Who are we without our emotions or problems?!

Consider this for today: while it’s never easy to objectively assess your situation, it is possible.

Try to understand as your emotions change or problems arise that it is your current circumstance and it does not define your self-worth. In other words, practice keeping the good stuff (i.e., the lessons, the relationships, the stillness, the connection to God) and forget the stuff that does not serve you.

Shift your perspective.











‘Why Not’ Wednesday asks the question: if you couldn’t fail, what would you do? 

10 thoughts on “Who Are You Without Your Emotions?

  1. Love love your quote. It’s SO true. I feel like that should printed in every highschool classroom for kids to see (and maybe in workplaces for adults!)!

  2. I always like your posts. Short and to the point. It’s easy to be on automatic and live inside the world of problems and my reactions to them. I have to be conscious to unplug and look at the bigger picture of who I am. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  3. Being an emotional chick, it can sometimes take me longer to remove “higher self” from my emotional/bodily state. I let myself have it though and then work through the situation. It’s also why I meditate often and do a lot of retrospective journal work! Great question and I’m glad you brought this to our attention! If we can answer this honestly with ourselves, I think we’ll be better off individually which in turn helps us all collective. 🙂

    • I agree. It’s not easy separating who we are from what we feel, especially when we’ve been conditioned to rely upon our emotions to navigate the world — not instinct. Meditation is great, there’s nothing like getting still in the moment to remind us of who we are. Thanks so much for stopping by!!!

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