Are You Addicted to Stress?


It’s ‘Why Not’ Wednesday and today’s no fail message is about addictions.

When we hear the word “addiction” we often associate it with drug, alcohol, food or sex abuse, but did you know that you could be addicted to stress?

It’s true.

It means that there is a chemical reaction in your body that enables you to feel a certain way to get that “high” – you thrive under pressure, you live for constant deadlines and you think you are your best self this way. It’s actually quite similar to the intoxication that someone who is braving an addiction to drugs face. Not surprisingly, the effects are actually similar – over time you begin to lose yourself, physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

Consider this for today: Rethink the role of stress in your life.

Stress should be a tool that is used at specific times; you’re not supposed to dwell in a constant state of anxiety. I know that’s not easy and the truth is there is no magic bullet to eradicating stress. Like it’s first-cousin fear, the best way to manage it …is to get in front of it. Get present in the moment…and use stress to get the task done, then be done with it. Be the stressor not the stressed.


11 thoughts on “Are You Addicted to Stress?

  1. I feel like you are a fly on the wall of my life. I’m going to give your solution to stress a try. I think to be on the safe side I’m going to to pray for help in doing it. I’ve found most things that looks simple aren’t easy.

  2. This is so insightful. Being stressed out in the past has often made me feel important, like clearly there was something really important happening that I needed to be involved with. But clearly like you said, that feeling of anxiety is NOT how to live your life. Thanks for the post.

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