7 Ways To Get Off Track And Miss Your Mark


It’s so easy to get off track.

Our mind wanders about and before you know it time has passed, and the task at hand is no closer to getting done.

My Journal

Photo credit: Cece Harbor

I’m guilty of this — believe me. I can be easily distracted and at times it takes sheer willpower for me to clear my mind of clutter and just stay focused.

Am I the only one?

We’ve been introduced to the Law of Attraction, which says that we attract positive or negative events in our lives based on our thoughts, but what if there were habits – observations — that when done was a sure fire way to veer –off− course.

Here’s a look at 7 things we tend to do when getting off track and how to effectively counter them.

  1. Focus solely on the outcome. While the big picture is important, it’s not the only aspect of our journeys. There’s a lot to be said about enjoying the here and now; take a chance to relish the process.
  2. Compare yourself to others. While it may appear that you and the other person are on the same path, you’re not – similar but not the same. Each of your life experiences and personal desires shapes your intended and respective paths. Your beginning may be her middle and visa versa, compare yourself to no one.
  3. Not paying attention to details. It’s always convenient to consider the small things later. If not checked early and quickly little things could turn into big disasters. It’s great to think big, but details really do matter, whether you take care of them yourself or get someone else to do it.
  4. Multi-tasking when you shouldn’t. When you juggle all the balls are in the air but you’re not touching them all at the same time; each receives very little attention. When we do this in our lives, our hope is that we incrementally get to done. If something is truly important, it’s vital that it gets your undivided attention. Leave the juggling to clowns.
  5. Using technology as a solution and not a tool. Social media sites, websites, emails and others are supposed to enhance our communications not be the sole method by which we communicate. There will never be a substitute for genuine human connection.
  6. Deliberately engage in time robbers. – I see you nodding your head. We’re all guilty of this, we’ve become pinning, texting, surfing fools (or is it just me?). There’s a difference between intentionally taking a break versus allowing something to unintentionally grab and retain your attention when you should be focused on something else.

Wait I need to pin something…

What was I saying? ….Right. Stay focused.

  1. Not giving yourself time to think. This one is most significant of all. I realize I’m at my best after a long walk or a few moments of silence. The solitude does wonders for me. I can sort out problems, come up with creative solutions…solve world hunger (well not solve world hunger but you get the picture). Give yourself breathing space and time to think.

If you see yourself in one or more of these habits, it’s never too late for course correction. Just recognize it, recalibrate and move on. It may take some time but you can. What say ye?  Which ones are you most guilty of?

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