Who’s Watching What And When


We recently purchased a rather large recliner and placed it near the television.  I railed against sitting in for weeks in fear that I might make it a permanent home, especially now since it’s the season of joy and peace – and holiday movies.

But in the spirit of (um) tradition I relented and decided to do my part. So I took my rightful place in that chair and enjoyed a few of my favorite yuletide flicks.  Some of them were classics and others were new, but all were memorable. There were a few that I stumbled across over the past two Christmases that were surprisingly good movies and are now keepers. I think you should consider adding these movies to your watch list if you haven’t seen them:

Christmas Lodge  – If you believe in keeping Christ in Christmas, you’ll enjoy this story. It’s a predictable, but you’ll enjoy it.  lodge
This Christmas – Wonderful story about family, forgiveness, and redemption. Oh and two words: Loretta Devine.  This Christmas
A Perfect Day – Great Christmas story and lesson about getting what you ask for.  perfect
How About You – Modern day island of misfit toys…well they’re not toys or on an island, but you get the picture. Vanessa Redgrave is excellent in this film.  howabout

I hope you enjoy these.

Do you have a movie that’s sort of off the beaten path of the traditional watch list? If so, share it with me below or tweet me. I’ll get the popcorn ready.


6 thoughts on “Who’s Watching What And When

  1. We bought a recliner last year and my husband claimed it as his own and I rarely get to sit in it. Sometimes I just have to shove him out of the way so I can enjoy it too! hehehe He loves his chair.

    We watched a lot of new Christmas movies this year too but I missed the Christmas Lodge. I never saw it advertised so I’ll have to be sure to look for it next year. Thanks for sharing and it’s very nice to meet you from our SITS Tribe!

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