Testing 1…2…3


So I’ve been flexing my writing muscles to see if I could write fiction. I’ve tried this a few times before and wanted to try again. It’s a draft but I’d be interested in what you think. Let me know…I’m listening.


The cold December wind swirled around Noel’s limbs. With her arms outstretched toward the dark sky, she watched as snowflakes descended from the heavens. The city lights twinkled in the distance. She loved the view from here — not too far from the bustle of her small town, St. Anne – but far enough to give herself some peace. It was her sanctuary for all seasons, the changing of the fall leaves, the first blossoms of spring, and ample shade in the summer. She also knew that it was the perfect place to die.

There in the night air listening to winter’s song in previous years had provided such comfort. She felt a spiritual connection to everything around her, but this time it was different – the link was broken – there was no connection, only the sight and sound of her labored breath dissipating in the cold air.

She took a panoramic gaze into the valley below. St. Anne, her home for the past ten years, surrounded by mountains and frozen lakes, sat unknowing of her grim plans.  Blurred green, red, and white lights sat atop buildings and flashed with the merriment of the season. A feeling she no longer shared.

Her little town was one of the very few that still believed in Christmas. The people of St. Anne refused to generalize the occasion by succumbing to the philosophical belief of Happy Holidays. While inclusion was important, they refused to lose the“Christ” in Christmas. This was a trait she admired, especially this time of year.

Driving into the city, the holidays often felt prefabricated and sterile. The same décor lined the streets year after year, the same parades with the same floats, the same old pomp and circumstance that often left her feeling hollow. Noel believed that Christmas was holy that it didn’t arrive in a box, and it was most certainly not an item to be placed on display or sold.

This was the life she would leave behind.

Exhaling sharply, she surveyed the guardrail that separated her and death. The thin strip of metal covered in ice wouldn’t provide much of a defense for her life.  Her eyes burned with tears as she straddled the bar. Standing upright, her breath quickened. Pulling off her gloves, she exposed her hands to the frigid air.

This was it.

Inching her feet closer to the precipice, deep sobs pushed its way past her chest and out of her mouth. She tried to muffle the sound, but the pain was too unbearable.

“Jesus.” The plea was instantly afloat. “Jesus…Jesus,” she sobbed between gulps of air.

Noel closed her eyes to stop the stream of tears and leaned forward.

Copyright Cece Harbor 2013

11 thoughts on “Testing 1…2…3

  1. Of course someone called Noel would believe in Christmas!
    The imagery here is wonderful, and Noel’s sentiments are expressed very well!
    I think this one line needs more umpff…. “She also knew that it was the perfect place to die.” The reader finds out at the end that she’s intending suicide yet that line leads the reader to conclude she’s dying of something. I think you could add some more sadness to that line.
    You can certainly write fiction; no doubt about that!

    • Hi Astra – I agree with you, I need to work on that line. And to be honest…not sure why she’s dying yet. 🙂 Hmmm. You gave me much to think about, my friend. Thank you for reading and commenting.


    I LOVE it!!! but I want more, I feel like someone is coming to Noel’s rescue? who hurt her so bad, who is she leaving behind? Congrats! cant wait to read the rest

  3. bombladoze

    Have you heard of the heros journey for writers? It might be worth a look, sorry I’m on ipad and it keeps correcting ridiculously… Awesome work, very. Ice.. Argh! Nice imagery!

  4. SJoyce ;o)

    So is Noel just hanging there! And what the crap is her problem…talking to God but on the ledge of suicide…sounds like….she may be a “1…2…Not YET”…….so does she jump or not…..Come on bring it! I know it will be Good!!!! Can’t wait to hear! Great Job, you got me lurking for an outcome!

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