I Surrender All


I took an unintentional break in April.challenges

I was growing through some challenges, and before I knew it: BOOM, April 28th.

Where did the time go?

During my brief absence, I relearned some important life lessons: some brought laughter and others brought tears, but I know I’m stronger because of them.

I survived my storm. (Psalm 107:29)

I wanted to share 3 of the most indelible ones here:

Lesson #1

Not everyone is going to complete your journey with you.

Have you ever heard these words: “…look to your left, look to your right, because one of you won’t be here by the end of the year.” If you’ve ever participated in a high school or college orientation or even a professional certification course, your speaker has probably offered this wisdom.  This is true and such is life, just because you started a journey with a group of people or set of friends doesn’t mean that they’ll be with you until the end. You lose people along the way, and that’s okay.

Lesson #2

Regret should only be a temporary residence, you cannot dwell there.

I strongly believe that regret is based on a perceived opportunity missed or taken. And while the intended opportunity may have come and gone, every additional minute that you wait or lament on what could have been robs you of the opportunity to enjoy the here and now. Move on. Take advantage of the next minute to live a life free of regret.

Lesson #3

Never think you owe anybody anything or that they owe you.

I use to think that when people did something nice for me, I was in their debt. I forgot what I was taught: freely I give and freely I receive. Anything you do for someone should be given without expectations, and anything someone gives to you should be received in the same way. If you’re blessed enough to have a gift of sorts bestowed upon you, it’s because you really deserved it. Your only requirement is to pay it forward and bless someone else.

So, I’m back with a renewed sense of purpose.

Have you ever had a period in your life that helped to redefine or reconfirm your direction?

What lessons did you learn?

14 thoughts on “I Surrender All

  1. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    Three lessons with 49,000 left to go. It’s a long journey but you have the skills needed to survive. Tomorrow is a new day…

  2. Very nicely written, thank you! I often lack the patience to really contemplate life’s lessons (even when they smack me on the head). That’s my biggest problem. But as Jackie says, ‘tomorrow is a new day’.
    “Every path has its puddles”!!

  3. Abrielle Valencia

    Hey Cece! You said, “…just because you started a journey with a group of people or set of friends doesn’t mean that they’ll be with you until the end.” This is so true. I’ve lost some people along the way. When I started making positive changes in my life, I noticed some of my “friends” were bothered by these changes. I learned that they were my “friends” when I lacked certain privileges. When I started to “move up the ladder,” my so-called friends didn’t want to accept the change. Oh well! It was hard to end those relationships, but I had to continue my journey without them. BTW, my former friends were replaced with new ones and what an UPGRADE. God is good. I’m now surrounded by people who genuinely have my best interest at heart. Love this blog! Glad you’re in a different space. 🙂 xoxoxo

  4. bombladoze

    I found the most beautiful blog today… It was yours. Thank you 🙂 Im not even sure how I got here. But I really needed to hear about lesson #1 today. Funny how things come along…

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