Thanks and Giving


Katherine over at The Intrinsic Writer blog just bestowed upon me “The Illuminating Blogger” award – talk about a great way to kick off November. Be sure to visit her blog and definitely check out her, “Old School Sundays” posts – she reminds us of our great literary history. Thank you, Katherine!

The requirements for “The Illuminating Blogger” award are that I:

  1. Visit the award site, leave a comment, tell everyone who nominated you, and thank the blogger, including a link back to their site.
  2. Share a random thing about myself.
  3. Select 5 or more nominees and notify them that they’ve won the award.
  4. Put the award on your blog somewhere.

So here’s something not so random…since it’s the season of thanks and giving (my favorite time of year), I wanted to tell you all that I’m grateful that you’re taking this journey with me. I created this blog as a way to add my voice to the chorus of stories that are being published every second on the web that may or may not speak to my life experiences and beliefs. I’ve learned that when you tell your truth, share your experiences, in a sincere and honest way, genuine people always gravitate towards you. I’m grateful.

The five nominees are:

Susie Gutierrez – Absolutely love her, she’s honest and she says what she means.

From Jesus’ Lips To My Ear – I enjoy reading her posts. She’s an absolute riot at times but sincere always.

Bridgetstraub – Wonderful writer, please check out “Searching For My Wand” on Amazon.

Breathe Deeply – This blog is inspirational. I look forward to getting the alerts in my inbox (can’t say that about many things these days).

Abrielle Valencia – I. Love. This. Blog. She’s gives it to you straight and says out loud the things that you would want to say but don’t.

Congrats to everyone nominated.

God Bless.


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