Cherish The ‘Do Over’


The screech from the alarm woke me instantly. My body was awake but my mind numb. Instinctively, I slapped the top of the little black box hoping to strike the snooze button, silencing the wretched little thing.

It worked.

Exhaling deeply, I rolled on my back and stared at the ceiling.

Another day.

A zillion thoughts ran through my mind, my to-do list was suddenly turned back on. If you could see it, imagine an obnoxiously bright sign with flashing neon lights.


Just the mention of my to-do list reminds me of a country kitchen in an old gas station – I get heartburn just looking at it.

Was this the tone by which I wanted to start my day?

Bed time was no different. Some days, I literally crawl into bed fully clothed thinking that I’d close my eyes for a few minutes only to be awakened by the screech from the little black box, again.

My days were starting to blur. When that happens, I lose focus and am caught up in the rapid change and tempo of things around me. My body and mind goes along for the ride – after all I have things to do. But my Spirit, well, this time, she dug her heels in the sand and said, “No more. Slow down, sister.”

So I had this notion, I’m not sure if I read it somewhere or if it was Divine intervention. The idea was to record my first and last thoughts of the day for a week, seven consecutive days. No matter how hurried or compressed my time became, I had to either physically write it down or make a mental note but I had to record the thoughts to memory.

The results were staggering.

I dreaded waking up. I dreaded going to sleep. I lived for my to-do list and what I could do for others, and the only thought that I devoted to myself was, “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

And tomorrow. And tomorrow. And tomorrow.

Go for that run.

Meh, I’ll do it tomorrow.

Sit and write that chapter.

Hmm. I’d better get this laundry done.  

A pattern emerged quickly and I couldn’t deny it. It was right there in black and white.

I’ve always known that every morning that little black box screeches is the universe’s way of giving me another chance. I get a do over. The difference now is that I openly acknowledge it.

Some people aren’t so lucky. They didn’t get a do over today.

Every day is a gift. Cherish it.

10 thoughts on “Cherish The ‘Do Over’

  1. Lovely post and lovely writing! I find most evenings/mornings I am the opposite: my body is numb but my mind is whirling. I need to turn it down. Maybe capturing my first and last thoughts is the answer!

  2. I’ve always believed there is nothing wrong with “I’ll do that tomorrow.” So many people beat themselves way too much about not going for that run or doing the laundry that day, it’s unhealthy and just unnecessary stress. Who cares? If it’s not something urgent, like going to the doctors or meeting an important work deadline, It’ll get done when it gets done. Some people may see that as a sign of laziness, but I see it as a sign of a healthy mind. Because I don’t ever stress myself out with “this must be done right now!!” mindset I’m usually relaxed. And because I’m relaxed, I get things done within the reasonable time frame anyway.

    So yes, if everyone just relaxed a little, gave themselves flexible timelines and, as you put it, “do-overs” they would save a lot of unnecessary stress.

    • Truth is if you keep putting something off, you really have to ask yourself if it’s something that you really want to do. It can start with simply asking yourself: why can’t I get this done? This comes in handy when tomorrow is tomorrow is tomorrow….is tomorrow. LOL

  3. Wow. What a good idea. I too, sometimes choose laundry over finishing that damn chapter! But yeah, in the long run, what do I want more? What’s my REAL life goal? To finish my book or have a few extra pairs of clean underwear? After all, the laundry gets done regardless. Thanks for the new perspective.

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