Waiting for God


“…But,” I interrupted. “…it also means that there’s work for you to do as well…” I stared at the phone in disbelief.

I often find myself find myself in the most interesting conversations. It’s a blessing really. Whether through friends, associates or complete strangers, life consistently presents opportunities for me to embrace life lessons – either through my mistakes or another’s shared experience.

“I’m just going to pray and wait on the Lord,” the voice on the other end said with conviction.

How many times have you heard this? We send a few lines up to Heaven and wait for the result. Meanwhile there’s a lot of negotiating along the way.

The prayer goes from asking, “Oh Lord please help me to [blah blah blah]. . .”

to bargaining, “Okay God, if you do this, I promise to never [blah blah blah] again…”

to downright pleading, “Gawd pah-lease. . .”

this is usually followed by a stream of tears and maybe a few hymnal selections.

Sometimes we convince ourselves to wait for the right opportunity instead of the taking the opportunity right before us. And while waiting for the supposed right opportunity, we pay guilt-ridden penances along the way which leads us to believe that we have to ask, beg or plead to get what we want out of life.

I don’t think the universe in all its infinite possibilities work that way.

Because we are perfectly whole and divine beings, we are not making requests to complete us. Because we are perfectly whole and divine beings, there is nothing to ask for . . . rather we should affirm.

I believe that prayer, my friends, is an affirmation, standing, kneeling or bowing our heads, or any combination thereof. Prayer is something sacred that we use to declare with our whole hearts, knowing that provisions have already been made, it’s just a matter of us doing what’s necessary to ensure it happens.

And if you chose to believe otherwise, then that’s fine . . .but consider this: while you’re waiting for God to deliver a miracle, ever thought that maybe God is waiting for you and that YOU are the miracle?

23 thoughts on “Waiting for God

  1. Abrielle Valencia

    I love this! However, I do believe there are situations where we should wait and other times when action is needed from US. God is not going to do all of the work. We have to put forth some effort too! That’s why it’s important to develop an intimate relationship with The Heavenly Father. You’ll know what to do, when to do it, or when we shouldn’t do it. But only you will know. No one outside of that relationship will know what’s truly best for you. They can offer “Godly” advice, but at the end of the day, it’s YOU and God. Keep the blogs coming!! 🙂

    FYI, loved this quote from you, “…but consider this: while you’re waiting for God to deliver a miracle, ever thought that maybe God is waiting for you and that YOU are the miracle?”

    • I agree with you. “Wait” and “do” conjures up thoughts that we are “in motion” — that’s not necessarily the case. Being still is still doing something but it is being still with intent and the knowledge that you are affirming something– not begging for it to happen. Often times when I “do” something my first act is to meditate to ensure that my body and mind are in the right place. And usually after, I’m either inspired to continue to meditate or physically act to allow my thoughts to manifest.

  2. Yes! I’ve always said the same thing to people! I’m not religious, so I never pray, but I do hope, but because I don’t believe in asking for things to come to me for free, I “DO” and then things come to me.

    Of course, sometimes even if you “do,” things still don’t come to you, at least not right away. Because achieving great things require not only hard work but also luck. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with praying (or hoping) for that bit of luck, but people who only rely on “luck” or “miracles” are definitely just delusional. Sure, miracles do happen (I call them coincidence, but that’s just me) but the reason why they’re called miracles is because they don’t normally happen!

    Good post!

    • This might be a stretch but your “hoping” is a form of prayer. You have an intentional thought to be used to influence that outcome or guide a situation. You pray. You might not consider it a prayer but in your own way, you do.

      • Oh yes, I no doubt think “hope” and “prayer” are very similar things. If not, even the same thing in some instances. The only difference between a believer and a non-believer is that a believer may actually think that a higher being has heard their thought, and could help them along the way. While a non-believer would likely think that doesn’t matter how hard they think about it, the luck is still purely based on chance, something completely out of their control. So the believer would usually hold more importance in the thought itself, while the non-believer is generally just trying to maintain a positive outlook.


    Wow this is awesome and the posts are too…Once again my sister hit the mark and once again I will say you are the best!

  4. I agree that we need to be willing to take action,when needed, and not just to breathe a prayer. For me a quote I just love says it all: “To pray is to change”. I think that often our prayers change us, if we are willing, and we become part of the answer. ~ Wendy

  5. So true. I learned a long time ago that nothing happens if one doesn’t persevere. I’m all for taking your faith with you for the ride, but yes, ultimately WE must make that first move. Great post…as usual!

  6. Wow, CeCe, fabulous post and really got me thinking about how I use prayer. And I agree with you: We are here to do God’s will, but with the free will we innately possess, it is our decision to do it or not to do it. Stopping by from our SITS tribe and really looking forward to getting to know you.

    • Hi Beth, thanks for stopping by. It’s so easy to have a heart of expectancy (as if God is some magic wishing well) but I’ve learned that there’s faithfulness and obedience that is required. Thank you for reading and commenting on this entry, it was one of my favorite.

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