Life On Purpose


“I don’t think I’ve found my life’s purpose yet,” she started. “I feel like there’s something more I should be doing.”

There was a pained look on my friend’s face. Her eyes danced around the room as if the answer was somewhere written on the walls.

“I hear you,” I interrupted her thoughts. “I think we all ask that question at times.”

“The great thing…” I said reaching to touch her lightly on the forearm, “…is that we ask the question, that’s the first part of becoming aware.”  

Truth is I’ve heard this before from many different people, spoken in many different ways. It’s an unassuming question that either drives us into the world to find the answer or allows the recluse in us to sit and pontificate.

Why am I here?

I’ve asked this question, time and time again.

What is my life’s purpose?

Depending on who’s in the room when you ask the question, the response could be anything from a religious retort to a spiritual advisement or a sarcastic quip.

What am I suppose to do with my life?

Beautiful work, entitled “Meditation” by B. Rossitto.

I don’t profess to have all the answers or questions. What I do know for sure is that I don’t know a thing, I’m a life student. But what I am learning — because this is a process after all– is that finding our life’s purpose isn’t a physical act.  It is not a search; rather a quiet stillness based upon that question and the intent behind our actions will lead us to find our true and authentic selves.

Finding your life’s purpose, I think starts by asking the question and then allowing yourself to dream up endless possibilities. Have you ever felt the need for something so strong you could actually see it in front of you?  See the book you’ve written on the shelf?  Smell the mountain air from your dream cabin? Hear the laughter of the children in your recreation center?  See improvements in your community with the people you’ve helped with your charity?

I believe that the heart, the metaphorical heart, is a powerful thing. And it’s our heart’s desires (which I believe was put there by something far greater than any of us) will pull us onto our intended paths.

When I do what I love, I’m at peace. When I prod and question and stray from that, I struggle. My connection to ensure that I’m living on purpose is meditation and prayer. There is power in being still and listening to your quiet self.

Finding your life’s purpose is being still long enough to ask the question and then living life on purpose.

Tell me, are you living life on purpose?

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4 thoughts on “Life On Purpose

    • Annie – I always like it when you visit! It amazes me how easy it is to spend so much time asking the question and no time actually seeking the answer. I believe that we were born whole, everything we need is already within us.

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