The F Word (Again)

Pic of bomb with the letter F

Pic of bomb with the letter FBrace yourself, because I’m dropping the “F” word again.  

 I’m amazed at the types of stories that continue to make national news. There’s a war apparently waging on American soil and it has been deemed the War on Women. It’s funny how all of the issues that women have been lobbying for decades are now suddenly part of a political strategy for election.  

 A very obvious strategy I might add.

What’s even funnier (and I’m so not laughing . . . well maybe a little sarcastic laugh) are the so-called sympathizers who on any other day, in any other year would not give a second thought to any of the women issues that are on the table for discussion today.

Not. A. Second. Thought.

So what’s at stake here, two political careers? One, where the journey in obtaining the coveted presidential seat was initially a long-shot and in the end defied the odds and started with a platform of fundamental change in how we run this country. Or the other, who apparently has been reared to expect the presidency and has a skillfully orchestrated political career that would, by his standards, culminate in a standing ovation as he sits in the Oval Office.

Nice try but umm no.

What’s at stake here is what has always been at stake. This isn’t new. We’ve talked this talk, fought this fight and supported and rallied for generations because we believe that women, regardless of socio-economic status, regardless of race or religion should have fundamental rights.

As women of this country, we –me, you, our sisters, mothers, daughters, nieces– deserve equal pay for equal work. We deserve to feel safe and have the laws of this country protect us from violent crimes. We deserve full and open access to healthcare, period point blank . . .end of discussion.

Sadly any type of political indifference or misstep is positioned as a tactic in this war.

Us  vs.Them

The political Jedi mind trick (campaigning) has begun and will employ the “I’m-going-to-tell-you-whatever-you-need-to-hear-so-you’ll-vote-for-me” tactic.  Or, the “See, I’m just like you” tactic.

They’re trying to woo us.

I think that if we stay focused on getting what we want then the negative connotation associated with the “F” word would be representative of: fairness, freedom and a fair-shake.

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