On Your Marks, Get Set, Go…


Not really my resolution list

Okay so I’ll add my two cents to all the conversations around New Year Resolutions (admittedly, I’m always fascinated to see what people say). For 2012, I decided to hang my resolution cap on the shelf, well at least in the traditional sense. 2011 has been such an exceptional year for life lessons, ones that I hope I do not have to repeat, I wanted to take a slightly different approach. As opposed to resolving to make things better by half-heartedly committing to a list I probably won’t do, I’ll take with me the life lessons I learned this year. In particular, I’m making a conscious effort to:

Focus on the journey, not the destination: I’ve heard this at least 1000 times before and now I finally-finally-finally get it. I realize that creating my future does not require defining a parade of projects that tend to haunt me from year-to-year. My life is not a series of accomplishments, tasks and to-do lists (although I still plan to make the lists, I’m juggling a lot and they keep me sane). I’m only interested in inspiring and empower the people around me. Experience tells me the way I mobilize this may or may not take the form of a project. I’m going to stay focused on the journey and how I feel and how I make others feel about themselves.

Look forward and not back: I’m notorious for retrospective planning, that is to accomplish things that I wanted to get done but didn’t so I make a goal of completing them moving forward. Nuh-uh. I’m done with that. I also realize that forgiveness (letting go) is actually much harder than it seems. I came to some conclusions this past Fall that has entirely changed the way I see compassion (for myself and others). Forgiveness is not a single act; rather it is a continuous flow of actions that propel you in the direction of your choosing. Every day we chose.

Live every day like it’s New Year’s Day: I think I’ll continue to do emotional cleansing – stress less, pray and mediate even more, continue to take loving care of my mental and physical well-being. I’d also like to redefine resolutions – we shouldn’t wait until the beginning of the year to make changes. Change (like forgiveness) is a process. Every day we should resolve to be better, do better, and create lasting and genuine connections with people.

Who’s with me? What lessons will you take with you starting today? Starting now…


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7 thoughts on “On Your Marks, Get Set, Go…

  1. Here are a few of mine:

    1. Gratitude. To cultivate thankfulness. In this particular moment I am grateful and thankful for CeCe’s great blog
    2. Let it Be. Inspired ‘doing’ depends upon inspired observation and letting myself ‘be’
    3. Real giving. Without expectation. Without condition

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