A is for Apple, T is for Treats and C is for Confused


“Trick or treat!” my sisters and I approached our fifteenth or sixteenth house in my grandmother’s neighborhood. The porch light was on and that provided the “all clear” sign we needed to proceed for hopefully some treats. We weren’t really clad in costumes, per se; we wore my grandmother’s wigs and piled on a disturbing amount of her makeup.

Old school Apple Jacks -- ah, those were the days

Who were we supposed to be? Well that depended on who was asking.  

In our first few visits, we told the homeowners we were singers. The next few houses we identified ourselves as Supremes.  About 6 blocks later –and a considerable stash of candy– hell, we were whoever they wanted us to be, just give us the candy.  

“Are you zombies?”

Yes ma’am.

“Are you movie stars?”

You guess it.  

Approaching our last conquest for the night, we knocked on the door unsure of what to expect. You see, we were standing on Ms. Edna’s porch. She was a polite old soul, widowed, that kept mostly to herself. When we yelled, “trick or treat” we were greeted by a warm smile.

“Oh babies,” she started taking us all in with her eyes. “…Ms. Edna don’t have candy. But…” she suddenly became excited. “…I do have a little sweet treat for you.”

She shuffled away with a little pep in her step and returned quickly with a box of AppleJacks cereal and several pieces of fruit.

Was she going to give us the box?

My sisters and I exchanged glances; I think we all had the same thought.

“Here you go,” she smiled placing either an apple or orange on top of our candy.

“…and….” She continued, taking her free hand and sticking it in the cereal box. “…a little something extra.”

Ms. Edna took a generous scoop of cereal in her hand, motioned for us to hold out our palms and sprinkled cereal bits for our enjoyment.

Definitely not a treat.  

My sisters and I exchanged glances; I think we all had the same thought.


“Thank you Ms. Edna,” we sang in unison and quickly left the porch.

As we walked toward our house, no one said a word. We walked evenly with our hands out holding on to the Apple Jacks from Ms. Edna, confused.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

*name changed

6 thoughts on “A is for Apple, T is for Treats and C is for Confused

  1. Love this! Ms Edna must have lived in my old neighborhood too – one Halloween my friend Cassie and I were given, with all the pomp and circumstance of a royal gift on an unexpected sunny London Sunday, one single solitary shelled peanut each! ‘Ginger nuts!’ the old woman trilled and we smiled and thanked her, watching with more astonishment than envy as she fed her cats potato chips from one of those small, Halloween sized bags…

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