No Bitter, All Sweet


By Mags D
Special to KnowledgeMaven

Many women have been blessed to experience the bond of a childhood best friend, that person with whom you shared everything, including a “sisterhood”. As you grow older, sometimes you hang on to that bond, as each year you learn to understand the inner-workings of a friendship, learning to nurture it while growing into your own skin. I was blessed to have such a friendship, though recently realized that I had to step away entirely as it detoured my path to happiness.

Over the years, we were slowly growing apart, yet in denial, forcing the past into the present.

We were holding each other back from becoming the women we should be, and trying to be the girls we once were.

Our truths differed and we couldn’t surrender to each other’s ideals or find common ground. I realized that I was holding on to anxiety, anger, sadness and felt unheard. This “friendship” was taking away from the happiness at my core. We weren’t able to accept each other – or maybe, we were accepting and finally had the strength to walk away.

I have chosen to live without regret and cherish all of the time we devoted to the friendship: good and bad, it has allowed me to become who I am today. Through it all, I’ve grown greater appreciation and admiration for those I now call friends and surround myself with those who love me for who I am. They each contribute to my happiness. I believe we should all have expectations from those who choose to accept our gift of friendship: they should accept us for everything we are – nothing more, nothing less. I now feel like a weight has been lifted and I’m free to move forward in my own skin.

Mags D is a professional by day, and a happiness seeker at all times. She has embarked on her own happiness project and collects all things that will help set her, and others, on a path to happiness. Follow her on her blog, Happystate.

4 thoughts on “No Bitter, All Sweet

  1. This is a nice, comforting read. The reality is we do invest an enormous amount of ourselves in our friendships and when the payoff is good, it’s great. Thanks for putting a new twist on something as old as time itself!

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