Tree of Life


He who walks with the wise becomes wise. Choose your friends wisely so that you can rise higher and walk in the destiny God has for you. (Proverbs 12: 30; Joel Osteen)


Have you ever watched, “Inside the Actors Studio”?  The host, James Lipton, has an amazingly cunning way of getting the actors on stage to disclose personal things about themselves. Often with a slight nudge from Lipton, who apparently conducts meticulous research before hand, the response he always receives from his guests is: “How do you know that?” or “Where did you get that?”

I love it.

I thought about me being on stage with Lipton and wonder what meaningful nugget of information would he find about me. What would he ask? And then I thought about who in my life has the ability to recall the obscure nuggets about my journey. It’s not a matter of being vulnerable with someone or being with someone that can recall random facts about your life. It’s about connecting with someone who knows you and can serve as a beacon of truth to remind you of whom you are and where you are in life.

I have a handful of such people that I affectionately refer to as my “root” friends. These are the people that have connected with me beyond the superficiality of a casual friendship. They’ve dug deep with me and are entrenched in my life – forever. I refer to the metaphor of a tree because to me a tree represents life.  I’ve learned that the word “friend” really has lost its meaning over time. There are people that come into your life and at the first sign of trouble they bend or break out – these are your “branch friends” – they’re a dime a dozen now-a-days. Then there are those that will have your back and be your support system, but if there’s discordance between you two then they too break (usually snapping in half); these are your trunk friends. And then there are root friends – no matter what storms are raging in life, they are the ones that provide true support. They hold you up when you can’t hold yourself up. They know the little meaningful nuggets of information about you that causes you to pause and ask: “How do you know that?”

I love it.

6 thoughts on “Tree of Life

  1. First, I want to say how much I enjoy your writing. You really know how to reach people and I say that because what you write isn’t typical of what I would read. I like reading pretend stuff. (I’m a little on the fickle side, girl LoL)

    I’ve often tried to define what my friends are to me and how they fit into the grand scheme of my life and you’ve defined that so clearly. My mom used to say there are only a handful of really good friends you’ll have throughout your life no matter what. And that those few are worth more than a dozen. This is so very true.

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