Keeping It ‘Real’ Part 2: Don’t put the shoe on the other foot


WARNING:  This is a straight-up rant. Rare indeed but I’ve got to say this:

I started off this month thinking that I’d dedicate my posts on the things I felt the need to “keep it real” about. That is, things that I found unauthentic and caused me to pause and maybe even say a word or two.  I deemed my intended two-part series “Keeping It Real.” As the days of May rolled by, I soon realized that I’d probably be writing every day, hell even every  hour  – literally– because lately (and I’m not sure what it is) I’ve noticed many things that have left much to be desired. Mind you, this is me seeing the world through my lens, which is obviously influenced by how I live and my morals. Sometimes, through the emails and the feedback I receive I hear a collective “Amen” from you which tells me that we share the same ideological perspectives on many subjects. 

In the spirit of getting back to my authentic self, I decided to compile an extremely short list (only 2 items). That way you can choose the item on which you agree. So let’s Keep It Real About:

Seriously? -- Do these look comfortable?

Music – Hip Hop intellectuals (no, it’s not an oxymoron and yes we exist) have been saying for YEARS that hip hop has lost it way. The amazing thing to me is the power of this genre of music and its ability to influence people of all generations around the globe and yet the true hip hop artists (the ones that talk about love, justice, empowerment, and engage in the art of authentic storytelling) get “no love”. However, the whacked out misogynistic fleeting acts of the day are purposely broadcasted to pollute the airwaves. I’ve heard people say that they distribute music based upon the demand of the consumer, I’m not convinced that is entirely true. Can I keep it real with you? If this is their truth (again I’m not entirely convinced) stop buying that crap and maybe they’ll stop putting it out.

Fashion: The latest look now are “hooker shoes” – you know the shoe with the frontal platform wedge look?  Just say no. Can I keep it real with you? They look uncomfortable, ridiculous, and we aren’t walking well in them. Sometimes it’s okay to turn a blind eye to the fashion whims of the day.

Okay I’m done. Now let’s get back to empowering ourselves. Thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “Keeping It ‘Real’ Part 2: Don’t put the shoe on the other foot

  1. Bridgette

    YES, I totally agree with both of your statements, although I find myself popping my fingers to a few of the new generation rap songs, its purely the beats because they have jacked them from old skool 70’s and 80’s music, nothing is original anymore and the lyrics BLAH!! Now the shoes, well some of them are sooo cute I found myself buying a pair and it didnt seem to hard walking in the store with them on so I fell in the trap and bought them,I wore them to my event and in the words of Fabolous, I committed SHOE-ICIDE, lol my feet were killing me 20 min after I put them on…needless to say I was electric sliding in my barefeet and I returned those nightmares to the store ASAP!….LOVED IT KNOWLEDGEMAVEN!

  2. I love hip hop, or at least, the kind of hip hop that has soul and funk and rhythm and blues and meaningful lyrics and an insatiable beat and a complexity of sound. Hooker shoes? Well to tell the truth, I’d be willing to try them, if it weren’t for my bunion and my gimpy knee and the fact that there’s nothing better on God’s green earth than feeling the dirt between my toes (dirt as in soil and sand, not like you’re thinking!)!

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