Say Say Say


I’m growing through that period in parenthood where my children are reaching social milestones. You know…slumber parties, weekend outings and school dances. Recently one of my sons attended a dance at his elementary school:  

Me: “Hey bud, you excited about the dance?”

Him: “Yeah, I guess. “

Me: “So…is there anyone you want to dance with?”

Him: “Yeah Ryan.”

Me: “So HOW are you going to ask her to dance?”

Him: “I’ll just say, ‘Hello there Ryan, would you care to dance with me?’ ”

He bows deeply.

[What tha hell…?]

Me: “Umm no. Just say, ‘Would you like to dance?’ that should be enough.”

Him: “Okay.”

Me: “What if she says yes?”

Him: “Then I’ll say LET’S DANCE!”

He does this awkward move. I think that’s a dance.

Me: “Okay and what if she says no?”

Him: “I’ll just say, ‘Sorry to have bothered you. Thank you for your consideration.’”

He smiles.        

I imagine myself slapping my forehead.

My husband overhears us. Walks over and says, “If she says no, then just say ‘your lost’ and pop your collar and keep it moving.”

I slap my forehead, no imagining this time.

Me: “She didn’t take a survey! If she says no, then just say ‘okay’ and walk away.”

Him: “That’s it?”

Me: “That’s it. You’re there to have fun…so have fun.”

Mind you, this is a good looking kid (if I do say so myself). Dark brown eyes, big beautiful smile accented with deep dimples. Soft wavy hair. Lean. He’s a looker. Just not a dancer. So he attends the dance and I couldn’t wait for him to get home with all the juicy details.

Me: “How’d it go?”

Him: “Fine. I had some nachos.”

Me: “Did you see Ryan?”

Him: “Yea, I asked her and she said ‘No’ she was already dancing with somebody else.”


Me: “What did you do?”

Him: “I asked someone else.”

[Okay…this kid’s got moxy.]

Me: “…and how did THAT go?”

Him: “She said ‘No’ too.”


Me: “You okay?”

Him: “I’m fine, Mom – I just danced with myself.”

I thought about him doing that awkward dance alone on the dance floor. This kid’s got moxy.

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