A Mile A Minute


A Mile A Minute

5:30 AM – Gaah! Hit snooze button.

5:45 AM  – Gaaaaaaaah! I’m up. I’m up. Thank you Lord. Lay in the dark. Stare at ceiling.

5:46 AM – Roll to one side, stare out window.

§  Did I sign my son’s permission slip?

§  Agh, I forgot to iron last night – need to iron uniforms.

§  Time for new shoes for the kids.

§  Boys need haircuts this week.

§  I wonder if Baby Girl could be seen at the salon that would be great.

§  I wonder if I could get my hair done this week THAT would be great.

§  Dang-blasted that grey hair.

5:52 AM – Touch head gingerly.

§  Does Hawaii Five-O come on tonight?

§  What day is it?

§  Hmm. Make breakfast or let the kids eat at school?

§  Let the kids eat at school.

§  Wonder if Hubs will make dinner tonight?

§  We need to call the accountant.

§  Utilities due.


5:55 AM – Heavy sigh.


§  I should buy new drapes.

§  Agh, gotta call the carpet cleaners.

§  Wonder what color I should repaint the kitchen?

§  Why didn’t I get that paint swatch?

§  I could use a date night with the Hubs.

§  Do I have any morning meetings? 

§  Did I leave those towels in the dryer?

§  Better get ready for my walk.

6:00 AM – Roll over to other side, kiss Hubs on the forehead. Time to get out of bed.

I do more thinking before 6AM than most people do all day.